• It's a Fajita kinda Friday!

    And, when you get your Fajitas 4-2 (yes, that means "for two" - enough food for you and a guest), you'll also get your Chips & Salsa Appetizer on us today! Perfect for lunch with a friend - and you can mix the proteins! Chicken, Steak (filet mignon) or Shrimp. Create a surf & turf for lunch - wow! TGIF - Remember to grab a Sangria or Cold Local Craft Beer on Tap to go with those yummy Fajitas or Tacos - if that's how you roll! Either way, we got you covered!

  • T.G.I.F.

    Thank God it's Friday! It's Fajita Friday at 13 Tacos & Taps - you set the time - it's the right place! Watch the video: Thank God It's Friday! Fajita Friday!

  • Fajitas & Sangria - it IS Friday, after all!

    Get your Fajitas 4-2 and you'll get free Chips & Salsa appetizer today! Pair your food with either of our Sangria Roja (with Red Wine) or Chef's White Sangria (with champagne) - you'll be glad you did! Fajitas - Chicken, Steak or Shrimp - or, you can mix and match for a surf & turf or chicken & steak mix. However you want to mix them - it's up to you! See you there! Oh, do you know what the background of the photo is? Make sure you go to instagram, post your answer and share with a friend.…

  • TIred of Corned Beef & Cabbage? It's Fajita Friday!

    It's Friday - and that means Fajitas! Steak, Chicken or Shrimp - or do a surf & turf or a steak and chicken mix to build your own tacos. Up to you! Get a free order of Chips & Salsa appetizer with your purchase of our Fajitas 4-2 today. Thirsty? Not sure what to get? How about one or our signature Margarita Flights? Mix and match classic with our super popular flavors! WOW - so good! For reservations, click on the tab above - Keep in mind we have a small dining room, so our reservation…

  • Get a Free Chips & Salsa...

    when you order the Fajita 4-2 All Day Friday! TGIF!

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