Meet Chef David & Marilyn - Owners and Operators...

    If you haven't met them already, let me introduce Chef David, born in Mexico City, Mexico; and Marilyn, born in the Bronx, NY.  They are the 
    "mom & pop" behind this local, family owned restaurant in Raleigh.   

    "Chef" has an incredible talent when it comes to food and, in particular, the fusion of cuisines which he creates for his Fusion Tacos.  His motto - "Everything Fits in my Tortilla."    He also serves several traditional style tacos, including the rotating 13th Taco, along with other dishes which you will soon call your favorites (if you don't already).  

    You will usually find Marilyn in the front of the restaurant or, if the food truck is heading out somehwere, you can be sure she's the one driving it to its destination.  Marilyn, a pastry chef in her own right, created the dessert(s).  Right now it's house made Churros drizzled with chipotle chocoate and lime infused homemade whipped cream, but we're hoping to bring back the Margarita Heaven Tres Leches Cupcakes in the fall.    

    Make sure you introduce yourself to them when you come in to eat with us... and don't forget, tonight is Tuesday - so it's Taco Tuesday and we have $4 Classic House Margaritas to celebrate the day!




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