January 15th marks our 2nd year open in Falls River area N. Raleigh, and we're celebrating by offering BOGO Entree 1/2 Half OFF!   

    With this being our Anniversary week, Chef wanted to put something really special out there - it's the Moo Moo (Filet Mignon - in Photo) - but with a new twist to it...  You don't want to miss this one - sure to be a huge hit! 

    COCKTAILS TO GO!  Yes, just open and pour over a glass of ice and enjoy! ...  alcohol is included!

    TO GO: If you are ordering "to go," please call in your order and mention your coupon, or come in and place your order in person!  

    The BOGO Coupon MUST be mentioned at the time of ordering to be valid. 

    ONLINE ORDERING - The coupon is not available for use with our online ordering system as our staff is unable to make adjustments to the orders placed online.

    Please note that the coupon is not valid with or may not be combined with any other offers, coupons, specials, etc.  


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