Our First "Official" Chef's Corner Guests.


Chef's Corner is an intimate semi-private dining area within 13 Tacos & Taps in North Raleigh  (f/k/a the VIP Section).  


Space is offered by Reservation Only directly through the restaurant for 2-6 adults 21 and over.  Reservations must be made 4-7 days in advance. 

How it works:

# of People                 Dining Time in Room

2 (minimum)               2    Hours

(latest reservation at 7:00pm)


4                                    3    Hours

(latest reservation at 6:00pm)


6 (Maximum)              4-4.5 Hours

(latest reservation  5:00)


Chef Designed Three (or more) Course meal (starting at only $60.00 per person) is pre-ordered based on your specific desires/needs; and served family style - so plenty for sharing! 

Need, or just want, more time in the room?  You can request additional time for a slight fee per additional hour. 


Do you have a special wine or spirit you would like served?  Let us know and we will do our very best to have it ready for you when you arrive.   A non-refundable deposit may be required for special cocktail/drink requests.

Note:  Pre-payment of food items is required.  Most items prepared for The Chef's Corner are not found on our regular menu, they are special ordered and prepared day of reservation.   Once food is purchased, payment becomes non-refundable.  No exceptions!



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